Writing a book is the easiest part of being an author; getting people to buy it is the challenge.  Learn the secrets tips and little-known techniques for raising the popularity of your new book beyond the people who know you!  Social media is only a small part of your sales outreach.  You must imbed your book into the marketplace in ways that it yields a buy decision, not just a “like.” Marketing begins with a disciplined platform that integrates a host of influence strategies much like Apple sells phones or Ford sells trucks.

About Chip Bell

Chip is a renowned keynote speaker and author of several bestselling, award-winning books, including Take Their Breath Away, Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service, Sprinkles, Managers as Mentors, and his newest book, Inside Your Customer’s Imagination. Chip has appeared live on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, NPR, Fox Business, and CNN, and his work has been featured in Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, and Harvard Business Review.

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