Funds on-going costs associated with operating a museum in a historic building.

Supports the museum exhibits of 69 Hall of Fame authors and research on the 9 featured authors  from the Lake Country.

Brings well-known writers to GWM each month for virtual & in-person Meet the Author  programs.

Ensures our website is reviewed and updated monthly for vital software updates & easy access.

Maintains our customer relationship database each month, helping us send emails & schedule programs.

Manages our social media each month, keeping you up to date.

GWM Depends on You!

Other Ways to Give

As a courtesy to you in your gift planning, please be aware of some strategies that can benefit you at year-end. Even if you previously made a gift in 2021, these strategies can benefit you. Donate before Dec. 31 to make sure you receive a tax break for this year.


If you plan to send a gift by mail, please send to:

Georgia Writers Museum P.O. Box 3429 Eatonton, GA 31024


Fulfill your required minimum distribution with a non-taxable gift to GWM (if you are age 70½ or older).


Donate appreciated stocks to Georgia Writers Museum, and you can eliminate capital gains tax. We recommend you initiate the transfer by Dec. 1, to allow time for processing and ensure that transfers are executed by the end of the year.

Retirement Plan Assets

Name Georgia Writers Museum as a beneficiary. These assets remain taxable when distributed to a loved one, but tax-free when given to a nonprofit.


Always speak with your tax professional. Your tax or financial advisor can help you determine your best charitable giving strategies.