Baptists & Bootleggers

A Prohibition Expedition Through the South with Cocktail Recipes

Pull up a barstool and get better acquainted with Carry Nation, Al Capone, George Remus, F. Scott Fitzgerald and a host of other historical personalities as you learn of the South’s unique role in the years 1920-1933 when alcohol was banned by the federal government. This book takes you to major cities and small towns, all of which struggled between the Baptists and their teetotaling allies who preached temperance and the bootleggers who got rich providing what their customers couldn’t buy legally.

Kathryn Smith is an American history writer whose non-fiction books include: The Gatekeeper: Missy LeHand, FDR, and the Untold Story of the Partnership that Defined a Presidency and Gertie: The Fabulous Life of Gertrude Sanford Legendre, Heiress, Explorer, Socialite, Spy, which won the Benjamin Franklin Gold Award in biography from the Independent Book Publishers Association. She also co-authors the Missy LeHand Mystery series with Kelly Durham, which features LeHand as the Nancy Drew of the New Deal.

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