Image by Amanda Vining

September 8


Paper Collage Craft

Museum Scavenger Hunt

When little Eva lets loose with a holler, everyone wonders what the matter can be. The family tries to figure out how to soothe her. On this busy day, Eva has fun with lions, tigers, owls, and crickets, and explores mud puddles, games, and books.

She takes her favorite bunny along on her adventures. Look for Bun Bun hiding on the pages.

This picture book for children features a pattern and refrain appropriate for the preschooler while addressing the challenges of a crying child in a fun and accessible way. Young readers will enjoy guessing what the family will do to make Eva happy again.

​An engaging story for children and adults alike, this delightful picture book has illustrations, intricately cut from construction paper, as creative as the work of Eric Carle.

October 13


Rabbit Themed Craft

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Follow the adventures of Brer Rabbit and his friends with folktales rooted in uniquely African-American stories as told by Eatonton’s own Ms. Georgia Benjamin-Smith, docent at the Uncle Remus Museum.

November 10


Kibby Craft

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Kibby gets treated differently when he wears the “cone of shame.” This heartwarming story demonstrates how children should best treat those who look different.  Through Kibby’s sad experience of wearing “the cone of shame,”  this book encourages the value of acceptance and discourages bullying.

Children and adults will be touched by the beautiful lesson Kibby learns along the way. Kibby’s story and feelings will help children relate to  their own real life experiences.  Enjoy this children’s hardback picture book.

Note: $5 fee covers the cost of craft supplies. Waivers are available, please contact All programs take place at Georgia Writers Museum at 109 S. Jefferson Ave, Eatonton, GA 31024. Parents and guardians are kindly invited to stay and play.