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When little Eva lets loose with a holler, everyone wonders what the matter can be. The family tries to figure out how to soothe her. On this busy day, Eva has fun with lions, tigers, owls, and crickets, and explores mud puddles, games, and books.

She takes her favorite bunny along on her adventures. Look for Bun Bun hiding on the pages.

This picture book for children features a pattern and refrain appropriate for the preschooler while addressing the challenges of a crying child in a fun and accessible way. Young readers will enjoy guessing what the family will do to make Eva happy again.

​An engaging story for children and adults alike, this delightful picture book has illustrations, intricately cut from construction paper, as creative as the work of Eric Carle.

Told by the Griots (storytellers), the Anansi spider tales are believed to have originated from the Ashanti people in Ghana. “Anansi and the Colorful Kente Cloth”, is based on those stories.

Cece, a budding and inquisitive scientist, and her equally curious best friend, Isaac, conduct experiments to see whether Cece’s dog, Einstein, will eat his vegetables.