Our instructors are here to help you! Learn new techniques and tricks of the trade, or ask for feedback from your favorite Georgia writers and from professional writing instructors. Each quarter, we invite instructors who understand the rewards and challenges of writing to assist you through the process. Instructors offer practical advice about the publishing process, and answer questions about marketing and selling your work, in addition to providing assistance with writing style. 

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Georgia Writers Museum hosts a variety of classes to best fit a wide range of schedules. We’ve hosted half-day classes to four-day workshops. We work with each instructor to determine the best length for their course, and then schedule their workshop.

Georgia Writers Museum selects the most in-demand topics from your requests. We’ve hosted classes on Beginning Writing, Writing Styles, Writing Across Different Genres, Character Development, Short Story Writing, and Memoir Writing, to mention a few.

Most classes include time for participants to respond to a short writing prompt or write on a subject of your choosing to help the instructor work with your specific style and provide specific feedback on your writing. Other courses include practical topics on publishing your book, and best practices for marketing. Each of our instructors is a published and professional writer with robust knowledge of the industry.

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The cost of each course varies. Workshop pricing is determined by a number of factors including instruction time and course materials. In addition, a percent of each workshop registration supports Georgia Writers Museum, which relies on ticket sales and donations in order to bring these workshops and educational programming to our community. 


1st Quarter

March 27th

10am – 12pm
$45 / Writer

Genre: Writing Your First Page

This is a two-hour online class, driven by your first page. Participants should submit their first page (approximately 300 words) to info@georgiawritersmuseum.org. Writer and Instructor Peter Selgin will review your work with you, as well as give you pointers for crafting your first page and the pages that follow.

Your First Page is unlike any other craft book on writing. It is based on the premise that almost everything that can go right or wrong in a work of fiction or memoir goes wrong or right on the first page. The book grew out of an experiment for which writers submitted nearly one hundred anonymous first pages of works-in-progress for analysis. The experiment proved two things: that first pages function like canaries in coalmines, forecasting success or predicting trouble. They establish the crucial bond between writer and reader, setting us off on a path toward the heart or climax of a story, or they fail to do so. The experiment also demonstrated that from first pages we stand to learn most of what we need to know to succeed as authors.

Instructor Bio:

PETER SELGIN is the author of Drowning Lessons, winner of the 2007 Flannery O’Connor Award for Fiction, Life Goes to the Movies, a novel, several books for children, and three books on the craft of fiction writing, the most recent of which, Your First Page: first pages and what they tell us about the pages that follow them, was published in 2017 by Serving House Books. Peter is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia College & State University.

Peter was born in Bethesda, Maryland, of Italian immigrants, one of a pair of twins my mother hadn’t expected. The birth notices read, “Selgin Boy A” and “Selgin Boy B.” I was Boy B. Six months later … Click here to continue reading.

Author Website: http://peterselgin.com/

Qualifications for featured instructors:

Georgia Writers Museum is a premier resource for readers and writers throughout the state of Georgia. Therefore, all instructors should have published works through a professional publishing firm and have teaching experience.

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