Operation Destiny

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Great adventure murder mystery. I often found myself immersed in the story forgetting everything around me. I was impressed with the level of detail.
This is a fun mystery that you can escape into.

This book really qualifies as a page turner. Dr. Lloyd creates a believable world based on actual places and events, then adds a complex plot that keeps you guessing through most of the story. He uses misdirection deftly to keep the reader guessing before the plot focuses on the final scenes. The characters are human, vulnerable, and are people the reader will find to be entirely believable. The plot is not so fantastic that it could never have happened, and that makes it even more interesting. It is an enjoyable read that could easily be imagined as a movie.
Donald Lloyd’s new book is a real thriller. I enjoy a book that is hard to put down and one that you really look forward to picking up again to continue the story. Operation Destiny is that kind of book. He is a very gifted writer.
Dr. Lloyd’s newest book was a true page-turner and left me eager to see where the plot would take me. The book was obviously very well-researched and the story felt true to life. The product itself was high quality and arrived quickly. Overall a great read, especially for WWII buffs!
Donald Lloyd took me through true events in our history wrapped in a page-turning thriller. When I believed I knew how it was going to turn out, he changes direction on me. This kept me engaged throughout the book. I hope Mr. Lloyd has another book in the works soon.