It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling. Tree branches knocked at your bedroom window… 

But it’s Halloween, and you are putting on your costume and going trick-or-treating, no matter what! Suddenly you hear footsteps in the hallway. You hear the floor creak as someone moves closer and closer. Slowly, your bedroom door opens…. “MOM!” you scream. “You scared me!” 

Your mom gives you a crazy look. “I just came in to tell you about the Spooky Story Contest,” she says. “Georgia Writers Museum is announcing the winners tomorrow.”

You stop dead in your tracks. You submitted a story, but it was weeks ago. Could you be the winner?!


  • Must be in grades 3-8 to participate.
    (Each grade level will be judged separately.) 
  • Students in public and private schools are welcome to participate.


Stories must have a cover page that includes the student’s:

  1. name, 
  2. school name, 
  3. homeroom teacher, and
  4. grade level.
  • Stories must be the student’s original work. A re-telling of published work will not qualify.
  • Maximum length of the story is 250 words.
  • Stories can be handwritten or typed.
  • Please do not include artwork with entry.



A panel of judges, primarily teachers and/or published writers, is selected by Georgia Writers Museum. Submissions are judged by grade level. Judges will select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner from each grade.

How to Enter

Enter Now

Student Honor Pledge: I promise I did not get any help on my story and all the work is my own

Supervising Adult Pledge: I affirm this student did not receive help on her/his story and that all the work is her/his own

2 + 5 = ?

Submission Deadline

Submissions will be accepted during the first three weeks in October. Winners will be announced on Halloween, or the school day closest to the holiday.


Winners will receive Dairy Queen or McDonald’s gift cards as prizes. We are grateful to the Greensboro Writers Guild for their donation and support.

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WED: By Appointment
THU – FRI: 11am – 5pm
SAT: 10pm – 3pm
SUN – TUE: Closed


Georgia Writers Museum

109 S. Jefferson Ave.

Eatonton, GA 31024