Session Description

The Hero’s Journey can make an ordinary story extraordinary—all because of the powerful transformation the hero undergoes. Most writers connect this concept to fiction, but it is just as applicable to mysteries, especially contemporary mysteries where the protagonist experiences growth in stand-alone books and across a series. In this engaging and relevant workshop, Melissa adapts the Hero’s Journey and the Three-Act Structure to the mystery genre. Participants will come away understanding how to apply the Hero’s Journey to their own mystery projects.

Melissa Bourbon (Winnie Archer)

Melissa Bourbon is a national and Amazon #1 bestselling author, writing instructor, freelance editor, writing coach, podcaster, book cover designer, and presenter. After spending nearly fifteen years as a public school teacher (English/Language Arts), she moved from educating adolescents to teaching creative writing to adults through Southern Methodist University’s CAPE program, as well as several other adult education programs. She is the founder of WriterSpark Academy where she teaches online, self-paced courses for writers. Melissa presents workshops to writers both in person and online. Learn more at